Friday, July 30, 2010

A balanced guitar practice

Is your diet to practice?
They have a wide range of practical matters. Or a member? (You know the type of player ... Sweep gazillion choose an hour of exercise every day, he knew only three chords)!

If you want to practice the guitar colorful balanced steps must be completed. Only if you have a lot of things when the exercise certainly one or two ... But I was weak, the other major regions.

In this lesson you will learn how the balance of the rule is necessary to help give you the confidence to work a practice game to your vision.

Category I are one of seven regions in general practice and was:
1st Technology.
2nd The reference () describes.
3rd Configuration.
4th Improvisation.
5th Ear training.
6th Theory.
7th Read music.

to take over one or more areas all on the right. For example, if your technology is very melodic CD, ammunition, ear-training center, the transfer from working hard at the same time from when you know. If you develop a standard number representation and
Music reading ability.

Do you need to now seven in all areas of practice? If I do not think that
If you do not need to see. If you want someone, for example, will
Classical guitar, terrible is not necessary to improvise, I think there are things in connection with the practice of improvisation. We are not a waste of time to make to achieve your goals with little time for exercise.

Let's see some movement

An exercise:

This vision can play minutes.How pair, if we want to do in the last 10 years. Exactly!

After completion of the proposed idea, if things are a lot of practice, how to play your vision. In any case, the development and practice, you need to know certain things? Write one now please.

Practice 2:

All things that the practice of sin, you write the following classes.
When should you write, for example, "I can play fast," Besides the technical editors are. If you think you can be one or more categories of what I have written one, write successfully for all categories.

Exercise 3:

Please refer the answer of the last two years. Once you have a priority
Categories below. For example, do you think this technology more
Important work is your vision necessary to make the switch to the first to achieve in January next year.

** Preferred practice area (1-7) ** * Level 1 is a top priority.

Reference () contains
Ear training
Reading notes

Now here's an important point. You need the most time on the practice of priority. I do not think it is quite clear, it is amazing how many people do not! I do not make a lot of practice, some guitar players who play very quickly know. Talk about how you set up with open bankruptcy proceedings?

Practice 4:

How much time per day spent in each category. Please enter your.

Region has been the practice time invested each day ** **

Reference () contains
Ear training
Reading notes

All of this? Great!


The next step is to practice writing every area.Make is to determine the specific activities.

Here are some examples and put people ...

Technology Investing: for the day of the election - a 10-minute exchange. Will 80 beats per minute 1 (BPM) and so metronome, 4 BPM began to increase daily(Until I can play well.)

Ear training: they invest in minor pentatonic ear training 10 minutes every day.

How to get the idea. This activity can be certain areas of practice. Case I have much time to practice, one or more activities of a particular area of practice.

Try this method. If I have more than satisfied with your results!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Dangdut music

Dangdut is the music of this kind of art and artistic growth of Indonesia. Irish Music in 1940, this type of Dangdut music has its roots in Malaysia. Evolution is a contemporary form of Indian music (drums, with the fact that items in particular) and Arabic (in harmony with prejudice.)

Changes in the political developments in Indonesia at the end of 1960 is the introduction of Western music in Indonesia Dangdut Indonesia, the preventive effects artists with strong electric guitar, a form of marketing. In 1970, a group of artists, almost like today Dangdut matured. How to folk music, singer, actress Dangdut Dangdut music other effects of a very open style of gamelan instruments, music and keroncong rock and pop, out of the house.

The name "Dangdut" The drums of course, onomatopoeia (Dangdut called a good game world drum) and unique sound, which is dominated by ndut process. This name, when in fact ironic that the title of music in the form of journal articles in the early 1970s to the popularity among working-class community in Malaysia. So far, management has a lot of songs and artist management artist Dangdut Indonesia

Thursday, July 22, 2010

We can listen to music to help you do a good job

Many people are listening to music while working, I'm definitely one of them. I was in my hands, I will help you focus on the task. Of course, because I have to concentrate on their work, you can imagine people listening to music.

Why do you want music while you work a lot, maybe you can really increase your productivity?

We know that you can change your mood music. Create an atmosphere of support and many of the film scene for years to come. Noticed that in almost all music, I have been very receptive atmosphere transfer. Therefore, we feel, "Can I music to our culture?

The research seems to support this claim. To publish such a study of 10 productive airline headsets at work in 256 major retailers for four weeks increased Walkman take 75 percent. In other studies, researchers reported at the University of Illinois 6.3%, the increase compared to the control group without music.

We have music, no music and no problems to increase productivity, even if you accept that we like to hear? All music is good, or in certain situations and a kind of the same effect?

Your goal is to increase your attention when the music is recommended for good stability and easy melodies. They are good people, you help to remember to support your reading speed and concentration, to try to learn it. According to reports, an excellent example of baroque music, especially works by Vivaldi, Bach and Handel.

Rock band can have a similar effect. According to the report identify the neurological and physiological journals, Russian Academy of Sciences of the ability of a person, the image of rock and classical music background, including letters and numbers quickly.

If you aim to produce more, will be more relaxed when the study is that up to 41% a joyful rhythm and music you are interested to know better than to lower levels of stress hormones.

The study, which achieved when listening to classical music, students, after which the best performance, solve mathematical problems, and whether to over Mozart effect music production presentations some of the focus of most "This period was chosen. Mozart was the influence of listening, in order not to seem to be limited to humans. If you played Mozart's production of cow's milk as.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

music can stimulate the right brain that can make your child genius

Music affects us all. Recently, however, means that our feelings are necessary to describe and measure the effectiveness of the musicologist. Investigators melody and heart to listen to music and play, in fact, to point our body and brain, and that to change the function.

The healing power of music is only the beginning, your body and soul are understood, in fact, music therapy is not new, though it is. Therapist for many years, both in listening and supporting research to reduce anxiety and tension, using music to relieve pain. The music is recommended as an aid for positive change in mood and emotional states.

music has established a successful heart transplant artificial Surgeons in 1966, the first plate with the words "the implementation of self-expression and music to promote offer self-realization, give the joy While other men. Have in medicine healing effects on extensive reporting, "said that music."

You feel better now doctors in hospitals and nursing homes not only do not believe in using music therapy, they can heal faster. In various parts of the country, are considered by health professionals at the start of the new revelations about the impact of music in the treatment of cardiac patients.

In one study, researcher Michael Thaut and his team are victims of polio, the stroke is more clearly not in the music and associated balanced after the treatment, more people with Parkinson's disease.

Other research to discover what you touched the sound of the drums. USA Today, in my head of music at the Berkley College of Music in Boston, 2001 article cited people with damages to the original music of dementia and ability to hold.

Article, mind, and Mead ville, Pennsylvania, from the experimental results of the physical fitness center in 30 minutes, depending on cancer patients made 111 barrels per day. Researchers have stimulate the immune system to combat increased levels of cancer cells in many patients.

"In the depths of the long-term memory, tried this music," Hasner said. "The heart is an emotional, you see remember the amygdala, is your wedding music, music from the first love, first dance. Access for those that are sick, is not how. That the window is access to them, this means .

American Music Therapy may be organizational, music therapy, family and caregivers, relaxation and emotional intimacy of the family, "positive and creative sense of the claim, and spend time together."

Music is why scientists should have the effect that the research progress. Dr. Robert McGill University, Montreal in 2001, Torrent of blood, whether positron emission tomography, a specific structure, use the Department of scans to determine whether the promotion of the brain through music.

asked in this study, blood and selected the 10 players stirring music Torrent, five women and five men. The target, for four types of audio stimuli - the selected music, music is scanned to hear to get a general noise or silence. This was repeated three times in random order.

Blood theme music, "chill" felt Chamber of Commerce is part of the brain scans to the activity stimulated by food and sex identified.

Because people understand the biological basis of musical development, it is still unknown. The campaign for the development of foods for the survival of the species and sex help of great value, music is not "the development of their own survival," Blood told the AP at this time.

The music that we are a part of the brain to activate happiness we give the benefits of physical and mental well-being.

This is to be operated on by the anxiety of the patients is good news for those who are below the expectations of the procedure.

Researchers at the Medical University of Warsaw, examined the impact of Voice Processing for the treatment of patients with dental fear. In the period 16 October 2001 Mon 2002.38 50-60 years showed no dental patients. Patients last element, music, headphones, for the training received by the vibrator treatment.

the discovered the negative emotions, reducing in the teeth or 30 minutes of audio-processing time in five cases. Before the music, this process alone, the group heard only 1.6 s. lower feelings of fear factor.

The third group received acoustic therapy only during the operation (control), for which no change in the level of fear.

Relax and listen to music and to identify research directions, 1992, to reduce pain and anxiety painful gynecological procedures for the effective manner in women. Other studies, has been shown the music "to reduce fear and anxiety and depression in the order of the other negative human emotions.

Researchers the published reports of music therapy journal in 1992, the result is music soothe (music, deep breathing, anti-listening exercises, etc.) to show to reduce the anxiety effective in patients with burns surgery for children, such as

As far as the report says, the researchers have a calming effect on many patients are not sure why the music. can a school of thought, so you can relax and the patient lower blood pressure, reduce stress, believes music. You can synchronize the rhythm of the vibrations of people around the body of another researcher claims music. For example, patients hear tachycardia and music, slow if you sync the music with the slow rhythm of his heartbeat involved.

These results are still a mystery. Impact on the ability of the music, spirit and emotional manipulation should be negative not believe it still can not explain to a large extent.

In addition to activity of the brain, the influence of hormones in the human body, music, and thank you, there is evidence, but the body can be music (and watching stress) associated with a content of cortisol and melatonin levels to induce (the sleep) may . reduce You can also promote the release of endorphins in the body's natural painkillers.

But how successful we are the emotion of music to push? For then these very strong emotions, are what often? The simple answer is, nobody knows. So far, we have to understand that an emotional reaction from some of the music that we can not be explained. However, it is okay. I am of the light, I light it up, I came into the room, do not understand why music can not understand for the sake of power, I feel a good mood. Only work - our creativity so we were.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

want to reach their future goals with the help of music intrument

The study of music is the best way to enjoy the benefits. Investigation, at least in young children, but their effect on the logic of space and time have learned the piano, or download it to play the instrument. Through the study of music we need to put on discipline, showed no matter the great music of our time. Along with music and effects, music and teaching the discipline of studying the relationship between compensation and from there work a lot in life, as a result of their efforts and hear music more than any beauty.

Music education, help children in the world around them to leave the economic, cultural and intellectual world of work, and open the door to school and the future of our country's right to full participation.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Introducing children to develop better life heart early instruments

to reach adult hood music, taking into account the cognitive abilities of human intelligence for children of different ages from childhood with these studies. Dr. Gordon Shaw, "The Spirit of Mozart" by maintaining books, studying the relationship between learning and mental development of science and music industry. Mozart effect is said, is well known that the upper window and function of the brain . make This is all ages, races, seems to be the impact on socio-economic groups.

A recent study published in the March 1999 study showed, N. 27% are playing the piano in second grade and math tests than the record.

Another surprise is that the music section, is the type of medical discovery is likely a group of graduates. In this study, were included in 7500-College. Only 44% of large enterprises, while in the hospital in biochemistry, medical schools were used, all 66 companies have applied for approval to accept% Music, School of Medicine.

Learning the piano, guitar, violin lessons and later children, such as participation in high school band and orchestra, you play an instrument takes time, can make a huge difference in the cognitive development of students do. This is the "heart of the music component to visualize the discovery of the" hard-wired ", especially the ability to transform objects in space and time for the logic of time and space. Tools and codes to the best minds to learn the relationship between games, including fractions and percentages. These key components of the brain we use in our daily lives are engaged in thinking and problem-solving.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The type of music when you are pregnant, should avoid

After the fetus of 20 weeks corresponds to the original voice can be heard, indicating that begin 24 weeks of active listening. It is according to research lullaby music was loud shrill, soothing music playing quietly Mozart and Vivaldi 4 5 fetal months, disrupt, or their anger.

The hearing took place well before the birth of nearly every respect. Almost all the cranial nerves, This is only a tool for much of the hearing ear to be regarded more as a balance or a device. Heart, ears steroids as a generator of energy for the body are distributed free of charge. To all the costs for these systems, more dynamics of human movement.Therefore, before birth leads to increased amounts of language revitalization, listen, we fixed. He found a sponsor to promote the song birds can not sing, her mother's silence.

Prenatal exposure to certain music and some researcher announced that he would.

Accelerates the heartbeat of the fetus is 4 months old are exposed to the noise. Studies in Japan, Osaka, premature birth, and found a pregnant woman who lived near the airport in the largest proportion of small children. In addition, chronic noise exposure associated with birth defects.

Remember that children had heard from more than a year after uterine music. They are soothing calm before the birth of children born after the mother found that some play to hear the same music.

Listening to music on the fetus, it is important that the music is too big. It does not need praise or classical music. John Elton is just as good or Smooth Jazz. I like to offer what it is not highly divergent or too fine.

Research shows exposure to certain negative changes in the structure of the brain discordant hard music. Suffering from exposure to this type of music, even if the plants.

So, if you are pregnant, even three types of Music, Grunge, Hard Rock prevent your lap.Your music, if you're a fan of these types should give up listening through the headphones is really listen to your heart's content. to observe, however, stereo, car radio or the beautiful melodies and beautiful harmonies. Your child will thank you.